10 People Who Need To Realize They're Not Famous Anymore


Being a famous celebrity can be closely compared to styles of the fashion world--one day you’re in, and the next day you’re out. However, while the scape of fashion is a revolving door, the doors of fame in Hollywood slam behind there now forgotten stars, never to open again. The blinding flashes from paparazzi have now mutated into a selfie from a fan who couldn’t remember their name or where they knew them from. “Hey, you’re the girl from that show”, they say. Agents stop calling and movie cameos or starring roles become infomercials for some cream to use when your muscles ache or a medication to use when things aren’t going your way in the bedroom. Maybe the calls and the selfies stop all together.

While most come to accept the fact that Hollywood gobbled them up and spit them out, some refuse to have the door shut behind them. They stick their foot in the way just in time to show their face at a random red carpet event. Heck, some even knock down the door like the scene from “The Shining” in order to be in the public eye. They became addicted to the limelight and just can’t accept that it’s not shining on them any longer, even if they only stood in its blinding glare for only a moment.

A handful of these individuals take on the belief that “bad press is still press” and turn to pulling public stunts for attention. Some settle in and buckle up as they ride along the popular coattails of others. There are a number of ways these abandoned celebs try to gain a little attention just one more time, but ignore all the signs that no one wants to give it to them any longer.

The celebrities you will see in this video once had their fifteen minutes of fame, but have yet to realize their time to shine has come to a close. A number of you may even say to yourself, “Wait, who is that?” Our response to that is, “Exactly!” Here are ten celebrities who need to realize they’re not famous anymore.