10 People Who Hate Their Celebrity Meme Status


Memes are always there to make us feel better when we are having a sad day. We all love to make fun of the people in these funny pictures and sometimes, we can relate to them a little too much. But there are some people that are not happy when they see memes. These are the real people who never wanted to become an internet sensation. Today, let’s find out more about 10 people who hate their celebrity meme status.

Scumbag Steve was known as a high school douche-bag. With jokes like “Hey can I borrow everything,” and “Grandpa gets surgery. Steals pain meds,” this wasn’t something to be proud of. But what was worst was all the attention Blake Boston got when people discovered who he was. People kept calling him and his family to insult him, even though he was nothing like Scumbag Steve. This is certainly not something we should be laughing at.

Bad Luck Brian was luckier than Blake. Kyle Craven didn’t want to be known as this awkward teenager when he worked at his real job. But no matter what, he saw his other self whenever he was online. No one likes to be associated with a character nobody likes. This is why Kyle decided to make the best out of this situation. He started appearing in conferences, selling T-shirts, and being part of advertisements as Bad Luck Brian. This is how he earned up to 20,000$ in three years!

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