10 People Who Got Real Animal Superpowers


Who hasn’t dreamed of being an animal? Well, maybe not actually turning into the animal, but having the characteristics instead. For example, who wouldn’t want to run at the same speed as a cheetah, or jump as high as a frog, or be able to hibernate all winter like a bear? Unfortunately, most of us would rather not get bitten by a radioactive spider in order to get web-slinging hands and fly around buildings. Meaning, these animal superpowers normally come at a price, and it’s rather uncomfortable to go through that process. But, while we like to think that animal superpowers are merely the product of comic books and movies, there are some people living in this world who are not completely human.

In this video, you’ll meet ten people who got real animal superpowers. For example, take Daniel Kish into account. He was blind, but found a way to see using echolocation, which is the same thing that bats use to help them see the world around them. We have Julie Redfern, who gained supersonic hearing after a bike accident. She can hear like a bat and even an elephant, without the massive ears! Then we have Nadya Vessey, who had both of her legs amputated and got a mermaid tail manufactured for her so she can swim just like the mythical creature. Then, we have Joy Milne who can smell Parkinson’s disease on a person before they’re even diagnosed! There’s more stories where that came from, so you’ll just have to watch to meet the rest of the animal crew!