10 People Who Got Owned


Here at TheRichest, we love a good revenge story. We face so many indignities in our daily life, both small and large, that it is just so satisfying to hear about somebody fighting back. In this video, we will introduce you to ten people who decided that they were not going to be messed with for one second longer. Despite risking embarrassment, or even bodily harm, these people were not going to let the situation resolve itselfwithout owning the person that was upsetting them. One nail salon owner refused to be intimidated by a robber much taller than him. When he demanded money, she simply demanded he leave her shop, and shoved him right out the door where the coward fled into the night. Some criminals think that the elderly make easy targets, but that is not always the case, as some learn the hard way. A thief broke into the house of an elderly veteran and retired boxer, and it only took two perfect punches right in the face to take him down. Another criminal tried to rob the store of a gun-wielding veteran, who managed to land all five shots that he fired at the thief invading his business. Animals like to protect what is theirs as well, just ask Little Joe, a tiny, adorable Yorkie who took great offense to a bear waltzing into his home and helping himself to his food bowl. We bet all of the other bears in the forest had a good laugh when they heard this story.