10 People Who Got Caught STARING Part2


If you can’t get enough of laughing at those unlucky people who were caught staring, you’ll definitely want to check out this follow up to our video about people caught staring. Staring at your cell phone is a pretty commonly accepted behavior for the most part. Sure, it may be considered impolite to do during certain social situations, but it’s mostly an accepted part of our culture. However, one middle-aged man riding the subway just couldn’t seem to keep his eyes to himself, as he stared at not his cellphone, but the phones of those people around him! Now that’s awkward. And it’s not just average, everyday people who’ve been spotted taking a prolonged peek. Even superstar Justin Timberlake can’t walk down the street without being caught staring when he shouldn’t be. While some celebs like Jamie Foxx are known to do the staring, others like Kim Kardashian are more used to being stared at. It seems like everyone from her own husband to an officer of the law are unable to tear their eyes away from her. Going to a sporting match is a great activity, but one that can be quite pricey. Rather than focus on the game they paid to see, we have many instances of people who seem far more focused on the cheerleaders, reporters, and even one of the players. You might think that prolonged staring is limited to humans, but we have a couple of creatures on our list that stare overly long in much the same ways that humans do!