10 People Who Got Caught Staring


We all know that staring isn’t very polite, but sometimes we just can’t help ourselves! Maybe we are at the beach when we see someone so attractive, our gaze just lingers a little longer than we intended it to. Well, apparently something about being near a body of water seems to make people stare unabashedly at others, as you’ll see in our video. And just in case you think that only us normal people get caught, we have quite a few celebrities who can’t seem to stop staring as well. Both Woody Allen and P. Diddy don’t seem to have much in common at first, but let’s just say they are both known to appreciate the female form. Even politicians such as Hillary Clinton and John Kerry have been known to let their eyes wander a bit too much too. One would think that during an interview in front of a camera, you would be on your best behavior. But we’ll show you some coaches who just couldn’t resist sneaking a peek anyways! We’ll show you people from all walks of life who got caught staring just a bit too long! We’ll also include the night that it seemed like nobody could tear their eyes away from the gorgeous Katy Perry. Ellen Degeneres couldn’t look away even with her wife standing next to her, and even Elton John was caught having a look as well. From young kids to people old enough to know better, we’ll cover it all. And don’t think you can fool us by trying to put on a pair of sunglasses either! Those don’t work when you crane your neck to catch a glimpse of someone!