10 People Who Gained Real Superpowers After Mysterious Discoveries


Gaining superpowers after a mysterious discovery is probably one of the oldest and most overused plot devices in movies and books. But yet, we are not tired of it yet! Perhaps it is because we still hope that our lives will change in a dynamic way because we took a different way home, or even got bitten by a bug. It sounds like a scenario that was written by Stan Lee, but truth can be stranger than fiction. While the people you’re about to meet may not be in the next great comic book or superhero movie, they have found their own special fame from their newfound abilities.

In this video are ten people who gained real superpowers after mysterious discoveries. For example, Rathakrishnan Velu discovered he could have amazing strength just from meditating. Then there’s Mr. Thai Ngoc, who has been awake for over 39 years after falling ill. For David Tammet, suffering from an epileptic fit at the age of 3 made him a mathematical genius. Ma Xiangang is a real life “Electric Man” who can produce electricity from his hands. If you’re blind like Daniel Kish, you can still see the world with echolocation. If you ever lose your hearing, that doesn’t mean that sounds are a distant concept, just ask Lidell Simpson. If a life of being magnetic is your thing, then you’ll love the story of Liew Thow Lin. Or, never forget a day in your life like Jill Price. What would you do with a heightened sense of smell? Find out what Oliver Sacks dealt with when someone “dealt it.” Out in the freezing cold? Might want to talk to Wim Hof about the power to alter your body temperature. Do we have your attention now? Check out this video and learn about these incredible stories!