10 People Who Feel No Pain


If you were a super hero, what super powers would you have? It’s a fun question many of us have pondered with friends or in our spare time at some point in our lives. Naturally, most people first think of their favorite super heroes from Marvel or DC and base their choice on that. Flight, speed, strength, invisibility or even x-ray vision – these are your typical sorts of answers. Interestingly, very few pick Tony Stark’s or Bruce Wayne’s super power – lots and lots of cash. But we digress. In fact, if you’ve seen our video on real-life super powers you actually have, then you know humans come equipped with some pretty potent abilities right off the bat. One power we didn’t cover there was invincibility. Sure it doesn’t exist but there are actual people who have a ‘power’ close to it.

Pain is a natural sensation which is meant to keep us away from harmful situations and warn us when we are in danger. If you search around you can find stories of men and women who are seemingly impervious to pain. This doesn’t mean they are invincible – because they can still die – just that they can endure situations that would leave the rest of us on the ground crying. Getting stabbed? Getting burned? Breaking a bone? Not a problem for these guys because they don’t even seem to notice. In some cases it’s all about mind over matter while in others being pain free is the result of an extremely rare genetic disorder.