10 People Who Failed Hard At Snapchat


Snapchat is the latest social media craze that allows users to send and receive photos and videos that are automatically deleted after a short period of time. But many people have found out the hard way that their Snapchat stories aren’t safe from being captured and reposted online for millions of people to laugh at. Taking a screenshot of a Snapchat friend’s posts is a major no-no, but how else would these hilarious moments be posted on the Internet for all of us to enjoy? Just be careful the next time you decide to post on Snapchat because you just might end up on our list of epic Snapchat fails.

One of the worst Snapchat fails came from a man and woman who decided to drive their car at 111 MPH. They documented the entire experience on the social media app, from them laughing and smiling right up until they crashed their vehicle and got trapped instead. Rather than attempting to free themselves, the woman continued posting to her Snapchat story. They both made it out alive, so we don’t feel to bad about laughing at her blood stained selfie with the caption that simply reads, “Hellllppp.”

We’re still trying to figure out why people think it’s funny or necessary to document their toilet experiences, and this Snapchat user definitely took things a step too far. Not only does she photograph herself while using the bathroom, but she also felt the need to describe the horrifying smell in great detail. The caption reads, “Got the bathroom smelling like meatloaf,” and we sure do feel sorry for the unlucky person in the stall next to her who had to catch a whiff.

This guy had a sneaking suspicion that his girlfriend was cheating on him. Instead of handling the heartbreaking moment in private, he decided to upload the entire demise of his relationship for our viewing pleasure. The first snap is captioned, “About to catch her cheating,” and the second photo shows his girlfriend with a pillow covering her body and the devastating caption that simply says, “Destroyed.” We really hate to laugh at someone else’s misery, but we just can’t help it.

Do you ever get jealous when you see your Snapchat friends jetting off to tropical locations? Well, maybe you shouldn’t be so jealous after all, because it’s quite possible their vacation pictures are nothing more than some photo trickery. This Snapchat user used his fingers and his desktop background to trick his followers into thinking he was getting some rest and relaxation in front of a beautiful pool. He later fessed up to his own Snapchat fail by saying, “Jokes. I have no life.” Well, he’s right about that.

A man decided to take his dog for a walk, but sadly, he didn’t even realize his poor dog was going for a swim instead. A Snapchat user snapped a photo of this epic fail along with the caption, “Should I tell him?” Thankfully, the pup looks like a dog paddle pro. Watch out Michael Phelps, you’ve got some competition!