10 People Who Failed At Being Sexy


For years, we have admired people who were sexy and we placed them in positions where they could be worshiped and desired from a pedestal. We usually call these people popular, or even celebrities. When it comes to sexiness, there is a plethora of standards when it comes to what is hot and what is not. What may be sexy to one person, may be completely revolting to another. However, there are times when there can be a unanimous consensus when something certainly is far from being sexy. It could be a photo shot in a bathroom or a trip that leads to an ungraceful fall. No matter what the incident is, the ultimate result led to a perception of unsexiness that probably followed the person for a decent amount of time. Ridicule, teasing, and embarrassment likely ensued to the point where the person probably had to change their name for protection.

Here are ten people who ultimately failed at being sexy. Whether they are celebrities or just regular people, we all have aspirations to be admired as sexy and beautiful and desired by those around us. When those failures happen, just hope and pray that there isn’t a camera recording the event. Otherwise you will reach a new level of fame thanks to the widespread reach of the internet and how quickly things can go viral with the click of a button.

Are you ready to experience these ultimate sexy fails? Hold on to your seat and get your forehead ready to do some facepalming.