10 People Who Developed Superpowers After Mysterious Discoveries


Super heros are the topic de jour in action films and comic books these days. Everyone loves an incredible story involving superpowers, But what if everyday people could suddenly find themselves capable of superhuman feats in the blink of an eye? What if one moment, one twist of fate could reveal that you had the power of pyrokinesis? What if one tragic moment proved that you were bullet proof? Some of the stories in this video have clear scientific expectations whilst others remain an intriguing mystery to this day. The ten people in this video may not be immortal but all of them suddenly discovered they were imbued with a mysterious super power in one moment of discovery. From a man with bones as hard as granite, to a woman who can feel no pain, these ten people went from mundane to truly astounding. Meet a man who took 10 shots, including a bullet to the head, and lived to tell his tale. Learn the amazing story of a teenager who could echolocate after losing his eyes to cancer as a small child. Some of us truly are capable of the impossible. Perhaps one day you may find yourself wielding a power beyond your own understanding or even discover the science behind one of these fascinating stories of the ordinary turned extraordinary. Even if you never discover the ability to light fires with your mind or kill a bull with your bare hands we hope you enjoy this video and the amazing people’s stories it contains.