10 People Who Are Real Life Giants


Do giants really exist? They sure do here at TheRichest. We’ve collected a wide range of rather large men here to show you that there are really big people living all over the world. Sure, they may not be the giants from the fairy tales you read as a kid, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t giants.

We’ll start you off easy with a giant everyone knows. Better known simply as Shaq, Shaquille O’Neal shocked the NBA with his size and muscles. If that doesn’t impress you then we’ll head on over to Morocco to introduce you to Brahim Takioullah who is over eight feet in height. Prefer giants with some bulk and height? Then step onto the set of Game of Thrones to meet giant and Strongman competitor Hafthor Júlíus Björnsson. Next, we’ll head down to South America where we’ll check out Brazilian giant Joelison Fernandes da Silva. He’s so big his wife is three feet shorter than him. Then there’s Ajaz Ahmed, a Pakistani farmer who claims he is the second tallest person in the world. Indian Dharmendra Pratap Singh is a giant thanks to a rare condition. Unfortunately, his incredible growth made it a challenge to find a girlfriend or hold down a job. No one is really sure of his date of birth but Chinese citizen Zhang Juncai is likely China’s biggest man and maybe even the tallest in the world. Then there’s the story of Vikas Uppal. He may have passed recently, but we thought you should hear about him since he was well over eight feet tall. Iranian Morteza Mehrzad is a fascinating giant not only because he’s so tall but because he’s also a Paralympian. Finally, we’ll stop off in Turkey to tell you about Sultan Kösen. He’s officially the tallest living man in the world who also possesses the biggest hands. Now that’s a giant.