10 People That Tried To Join Team 10


Have you heard of Jake Paul's Team 10 crew? They're a group of budding YouTube sensations who live together in the Team 10 house and make videos together. Many Vine and YouTube stars make it into the crew with hopes of becoming as legendary as Jake. But what about those who allegedly tried out for the squad? Check out our list of 10 People That Tried to Join Team 10.

Remember Fred? The hyperactive six-year-old created by Lucas Cruikshank back when YouTube first started? Fred was a YouTube star during his reign and even had his own movie on the Nickelodeon channel. The highlight of his career, though, was probably when he was a guest star on Miley Cyrus' show, "Hannah Montana." So, was it Fred or was it Lucas that tried to join Team 10? You're going to have to watch our video to find out the answer to that question.

Brianna White and her husband, Jaelin, are also some YouTubers who tried to join Jake's crew. The two have even hung out at the Team 10 house with Jake, Tessa Brooks, Erika Costell, and the other team members. So what's holding Jake back from signing them onto the team? Maybe Jake just doesn't want another couple in the house. Jerika and Chessa seem like they’re already a lot to handle.

If you want to know if Roman Atwood and David Dobrik really did try to join Team 10, make sure to watch our video. And keep watching until the end to see which Filipino YouTuber made our number one spot.