10 People Eaten By Wild Animals


It’s a jungle out there. No, literally. Despite what we think and despite the fact we tend to live in ‘civilized’ towns and cities, the world around us is actually quite wild. Sure, it depends largely on where you live. After all, some parts of this planet are definitely more wild and scary than others – Australia anyone? In all seriousness, we humans like to think of ourselves as being top of the world and on top of the food chain. Every now and then, Mother Nature gives us a tap on the shoulder and reminds us that we too are just animals and given the right circumstances we can be at the mercy of some other pretty powerful and dangerous creatures. The lion tamer in the zoo, the tourist on safari and the villager walking down to the river to get some water – all perfect examples of humans who are in rather vulnerable spots when it comes to animals.

Then there are the times it goes beyond a scary encounter or even an attack. Yes, we are talking about the times wild animals have actually eaten humans. It happens a lot more than you’d think. Sure, in your city the odds of getting eaten by a crocodile or a lion are pretty much zero. You need to remember, however, that many of the Earth’s people live in rural and rather wild areas. That said, even a wild pet can remind us that it belongs in nature and not in some studio apartment in Brooklyn. From animals being held captive to those roaming the forests, rivers and jungles, there is ample proof that humans are never off the menu.