10 Paw Patrol Dogs 10 YEARS LATER


There are millions and millions of “Paw Patrol” fans all over the world. The stories of these brave little dogs who save the day in Adventure Bay have really struck a chord. But, because they are all so young, we couldn't help but wonder what it is that they might end up looking like when they're 10 years older. We certainly hope the hit show carries on for at least that long! So, today, we are going to show you 10 “Paw Patrol” Dogs 10 Years Later.

Have you ever thought about what Chase, the Police Pup, is going to look like a decade from now? We all know that this German Shepherd is handsome and cute, but what about when he grows up? Well, we're going to give you an idea about what we think is going to happen to him!

One of our favorite “Paw Patrol” moments is when Rubble dreams about Apollo the Super Dog. It makes us smile and laugh. But when the dream is over, it's time for the Pups to meet this superhero! And you'll get to meet him, too, in 10 years from now. We think you'll like him.

Keep watching to see what we believe the likes of cute Skye, athletic Zuma, smart Tracker, and villainous Sweetie are going to look like in 10 years time. And please keep watching until the end of the video, because we are going to show you who we think Marshall the Fire Pup is going to look like when he grows up. Let us know what you think in the comments, and make sure you subscribe. Thanks for watching!