10 Paused Moments In March Madness You Have To See


From the second week of March to the first week of April, you might notice that people go completely nuts over college basketball. Why? Well, it’s because it’s March Madness! This is the time of year where the champions of college basketball are determined through tournaments by the National Collegiate Athletic Association, better known as the NCAA. If you live in a college town, or even in a city where there are rival universities, then you likely know this time of year very well! During the month of March, if you go into a bar or restaurant for dinner, chances are that the television will be blasting the latest games. People will even pool their money and try to make a few bucks off of the tournaments and whether or not a college takes home the glory or not. Regardless of whether the fans are students, alumni, or never went to college, there is something about March Madness that brings everyone together!

Each year, March Madness never fails to bring about exciting moments and unbelievable encounters that leaves us all reeling. 2017 has not disappointed. In this video are ten paused moments in March Madness you have to see. From amazing plays that led to wins to blunders that cost the team a championship, these moments make daytime television seem uninteresting and boring. It isn’t uncommon to see tears, hugs, and complete meltdowns happening in the venues. That is because a school is sometimes valued based on how well their team performs. Each year, these basketball teams have to outdo themselves, and that can be quite a burden to carry.