10 Paused Moments Caught On Live TV


There is nothing more entertaining and yet unstable than live television. While these days there is a delay to help prevent viewers from seeing something inappropriate, that doesn’t mean that things don’t slip through the cracks. If the moment is awkward and has nothing to do with being dirty, then that moment will still make it to the airwaves, much to the embarrassment of the person who created that epic moment. These days, everything is immortal thanks to the internet. There can never be a forgotten moment. Instead, if you want to relish someone else’s embarrassing or epic moment, you can go to the footage and pause, rewind, and pause again so people can get a better look. Because our society is fascinated with details and wanting to learn as much about the incident as possible. Perhaps it is because we have become a tad obsessive in society?

In this video, you’ll get to see ten paused moments caught on live TV. Whether it was an accidental flashing, an ax hitting someone, or animals humping on screen, these moments are all epic in their own regard. Live television is both fascinating and rich because we have all had moments that we’re not proud of and we wish we can forget. Luckily for most of us, there hasn’t been a camera on. But for these unlucky souls, cameras were rolling with an audience ready to go. Next time you decide you want to be on the news or on a reality show, just be careful because you might find yourself in the video’s sequel!