10 Overrated Products That Will Make You Broke And Ugly


Fashion can range from the everyday, normal attire that you see on people on the street to the outrageous outfits that you see on runways. A lot of times, people think that the higher the price tag on an item, the better it is. But that is not always the case. Here are 10 Overrated Products That Will Make You Broke And Ugly!

Just take this shirt with holes. It looks like something out of a horror movie. Most of the time when your shirt gets a rip in it, you throw it out. You don’t make 50 more identical holes. But that is exactly what this designer did and the shirt retails for $559.

Have some days where you just can’t decide what to wear? Now, you don’t have to! There are pants that are half pinstripes and half cargo so that you never have to choose between the two again. All you have to do is disregard the fact that those two patterns look hideous together and spend $1,600, and the pants are yours!

Yeezys are another example of a product that’s price tag doesn’t match its value. Let’s face it, Yeezys look like orthopedic shoes, but the new Frozen Yellow version of the sneaker costs a whopping $300! You could go out to Walmart and get better-looking shoes than those for less than half the price!

Whether it’s jeans that are already dirty, diamond studded hoodies, or diamond Bluetooth headsets, there are certain items that while expensive, are just plain ugly! Stay tuned to 10 Overrated Products That Will Make You Broke And Ugly to see which Christmas item costs $90,000!