10 Optical Illusions That Make You Forget Your Name


After watching these 10 optical illusions, you’ll never trust your eyes again. From seeing colors that aren’t really there to believing that people are changing size right in front of you, prepare for your mind to be blown by these 10 optical illusions that make you forget your name. And rest assured that no damage will be done to your eyes or your mind, it’s all good, clean fun!

Many optical illusions require you to watch the screen really closely. Sometimes you have to stare at a dot or a cross in the center, like in the Dunstanburgh Castle illusion. The afterimage that you’ll see will turn a black and white photo into color, thanks to the power of your brain and eyes. This technique will also have you seeing true cyan blue for the very first time, and watching shapes disappear before your very eyes courtesy of Troxler’s fading.

Can you spot the 16 circles in the Coffer Illusion? Challenge your friends to see who can do it first. And prepare for a hat trick of illusory effects when you watch the Pac-Man Illusion a.k.a. The Lilac Chaser, which involves the Phi phenomenon. Marvel at bendy lines straightening in the Café Wall Illusion, and colors looking totally different in the spirals illusion by Akiyoshi Kitaoka.

If you thought they were all weird, just wait until you see what happens in the Ames Room. Watch our video to discover 10 optical illusions that make you forget your name, and tell us in comments which one impresses you the most!