10 Optical Illusions And Why Your Brain Falls For Them


We’ve all stumbled upon an optical illusion that made us think we were losing our minds. No matter how much we knew that picture wasn’t really moving, it sure seemed to be. You might have wondered how your brain could be fooled, but don’t worry, it has nothing to do with your intelligence. We’ll explore the science behind how our brains perceive these images, and learn how simple tricks can fool your eyes into seeing something that isn’t there. One big thing is the fact that our brains are using to seeing things in three dimensions, and try to apply those rules when we see two dimensional images. This explains some of the physiological and high contrast illusions that we’ll show you. If you’ve ever seen something appear to change color, there’s a good chance you experienced something known as an afterimage. When our blind spots are activated, sometimes our brains try to fill in the missing information that we are unable to see.