10 Old Versions of Popular Modern Games You Never Knew Existed


In this list we look at the ten long standing video game franchises that have their roots in classic video game system. Throughout this list, we look at some of the top selling franchises younger gamers might not know came from older systems. We look at the phenomenally popular Red Dead series and where it all began with Red Dead Revolver. We go deep into hiding and see where the Metal Gear franchise all started. We go way way back into the early days of PC gaming and look at the Bethesda powerhouses Elder Scrolls and Fallout. With the new Netflix series coming,we think it is important to talk about the humble beginnings of Castlevania. The Fire Emblem series has been relatively new to America, but we look at where it all began with the Japanese exclusive Fire Emblem. While X Com 2 is still very popular, we look at where the series gets it’s name and what it was called before X-Com. With the announcement of Metroid Prime 4, it is important to look at just how old Metroid is and when the first game came out. Before Ninja Gaiden came to modern game systems, it was notoriously named one of the hardest NES games ever. While GTA 5 has been a huge success, the first game is often overlooked, and no if you say Vice City is the first game you are wrong. During this video, we look at all 10 of these video games and talk about their humble origins.