10 Nintendo Games That Need A Sequel


NINTENDO SEQUELS. Nintendo loves releasing sequels and spin-offs to some of their most popular franchises, but there have been numerous titles ignored through the years.

This is TheGamer's list of 10 Nintendo games that NEED a sequel. An idea submitted by TheGamer fan ThatFatLlama!


What sequel do you want to see the most?

What games does Nintendo make too many sequels of?

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The world of Nintendo is filled with sequels, spin-offs and all types of games built into large franchises. While it’s become common to expect sequels to hit games like Mario Party and Mario Kart, some gaming titles have been left in the dust over the years. Luckily, there’s still hope and time for a sequel on next generation consoles like the Switch!

Mario Kart may be leading the way when it comes to Nintendo racing franchises, but Kirby Air Ride was a fun racing game with different elements and plenty of room for a sequel. Super Mario Sunshine was the great 3D successor to Super Mario 64, but the whole plot theme and gameplay style was abandoned with the release of Super Mario Galaxy. Pokemon Snap offered a unique way to capture Pokemon on the Nintendo 64 and the Switch has the perfect elements for a return to this game again. Mario Sports Mix is due for a return and should feature some more sports with Mario characters including American football. Super Princess Peach was a unique and fun platform title for the Nintendo DS, but a sequel should be featured on a home console like the Switch. The unique RPG game Earthbound is due for an upgraded title and the return of characters we’ve grown to love from the Super Smash Bros. games. Wave Race took water racing to whole new levels and the franchise should make a nostalgic comeback for fans. Mario Strikers was a two-game series that completely changed the way soccer is played in video games. Time to charge up again for a modern version. Watch to see all 10 Nintendo games that NEED a sequel!