10 Nerdy Celebs Who Became SMOKING HOT


We all can remember our favorite child stars growing up. Lindsey Lohan charmed us in “Parent Trap” and then we had Daniel Radcliffe become a pop culture sensation as Harry Potter. These young stars remind us that talent comes at any age.

For some of these child actors, we literally have seen them grow up. That’s the price with fame. You are always in the public eye and that means we see your awkward teen years too. We have seen everything from Candance Cameron Bure with frizzy bangs in “Full House” to Abigail Breslin playing an Oscar nominated role with big geeky glasses.

The magic of puberty transforms these stars from nerdy child actors to beautiful swans. We are always shocked to see child celebrities all grown up. How on Earth can they change so much in a few short years? It’s almost impossible. But everyone has to grow up and sometimes it’s for the better.

Just take a look of these child star transformations in this video. You won’t believe how different these actors look today. Even if they were a bit nerdy or awkward as children, some of these kid actors still prove that they’re talented. Here are 10 nerdy celebs who became smoking hot.