10 NASTY Things Women Secretly Do When Together


Having a group of good friends means having people who are always by your side during the good and bad times. They’ve seen you at your best, and unfortunately, they’ve also seen you at your worst. When girls get together, there’s no limit to what they will do in the presence of their BFFs. Some may call it weird, but girls call it friendship. Check out a few of the nasty things girls do when they’re together.

When girls go out together, they usually go to the restroom in groups. But that’s not all, they’ll even share a bathroom stall with their BFF. Girls really don’t mind going #1 or #2 in front of each other, and they would actually prefer to stand in the bathroom stall with a friend who’s dropping a bomb than to stand and wait outside of the bathroom all by herself. Guys would never think about watching their buddies relieve themselves, but for women, this is something that’s completely natural.

A girl isn’t going to let her best pals head out into the world smelling gross. This is why when girls are in private, they will secretly do smell checks on each other. They will blow in each other’s faces to see how disgusting their breath smells, and they will sniff each other’s armpits to determine if they need to apply more deodorant before heading out the door.

Girls always feel like they have to run and hide when they get the urge to pass gas, but when they’re with their closest friends, letting one rip is normal…and sometimes fun. When a girl feels a burp or a fart coming on, she’ll let it out loud and proud in front of her besties. Girls also aren’t opposed to having battles with each other to see who can lay the smelliest and loudest farts ever.

When girls get together, they spend a lot of time primping and getting all dolled up by doing each other’s makeup and styling each other’s hair. They also want to make sure their friends look as beautiful as ever, so if they notice a huge zit on their friend’s face, they’ll move in for the kill. If a girl has a pimple on her back that she just can’t reach, her friend will gladly go to town on that bad boy by squeezing it until it pops into an ooey gooey mess.

If a girl is having a bathroom emergency and she thinks her poop is looking a bit strange, she can call on one of her best friends to check things out. Girls don’t necessarily love looking at each other’s poop, but they will examine each other’s waste in dire situations. Sometimes, a girl just needs to be reassured that what’s floating around in her toilet bowl is completely normal, and who better to do the honors than one of her close friends?