10 Nastiest Things Guys SECRETLY Do When They're Together


Guys always get a bad rap for being less hygienic than girls. They may look stylish and well put together on the outside, but when they’re all alone, some of them probably take part in some pretty odd habits that most girls would be surprised by. If you’re new to our channel, don’t forget to subscribe and please give this video a big thumbs up because today we’re sharing 10 of the nastiest things guys secretly do.

When a guy’s in the middle of a delicious meal and nature calls, he’s not going to put down his plate just to go handle his business in the bathroom. Instead, some guys bring their food in with them, and proceed to chow down while taking a poo. Most guys see this as a useful way to multi-task. They would much rather eat their food while going #2 than to leave it behind in the kitchen and let it get cold.

When a guy gets hungry, everyone better watch out! Nothing’s off limits when their stomachs start to growl, and when hunger pangs kick in, guys are ready and willing to eat anything they can get their hands on. Most guys will ignore the expiration date on food and liquids, and just start shoveling everything into their mouths. Ask any guy you know if he’s ever eaten spoiled or rotten food by accident, and we guarantee you the answer will be “yes.”

Most guys can’t be bothered with doing laundry and keeping things in their room or house tidy. And when it comes to their bedsheets, this is one item that routinely gets neglected. Some men will go weeks or even months without washing their sheets, and it doesn’t gross them out one bit.

When a guy gets a scratch down there, he can’t help but to bring his fingers up to his nose and take a whiff when he thinks no one’s looking. Some guys have admitted to actually enjoying the smell of their dirty and sweaty nether regions. But they would be absolutely horrified if anyone caught them scratching and sniffing in the act.

You may think you need two people in order to have a fart war, but for guys, they are perfectly content with having a fart war all by themselves. A guy will secretly put on an epic one-man show to see if he can lay the biggest fart of his entire life. For guys, when it comes to passing gas, the louder the better.