10 Myths About Food You Still Believe


Experts are always able to find new information to share about food. Were you always taught that milk is good for our bones, that carbohydrates make us fat, that eggs are bad for us, that pineapples are grown on trees, and that we should always buy organic food? But what if we told you that this is all a huge myth?

Is milk actually good for our bones? The statement can be found on almost every milk carton out there. Calcium is important when it comes to bone health, but the truth is, reports have shown no health-related benefits of people who regularly drink milk for stronger bones. In fact, adults find it much harder to digest cow’s milk than any other alternative.

Did you know that pineapples aren’t actually grown on trees? They come from the ground and are produced by a plant with 5 foot long leaves! These plants can actually grow small flowers that produce their own pineapples! You can also easily grow pineapples indoors in just a small pot.

Is organic food really healthier? The word ‘organic’ is often associated with a statement that the product is environmentally friendlier and healthier for our bodies. While the first part is true, the second part unfortunately isn’t.

Which food myths do you still believe in? If you still think eggs are bad for you, or that milk is good for your bones, or that carbohydrates make you fat, or that pineapples grow on trees, make sure to watch our video and find out the truth behind these myths!