10 Mystery Riddles That Will Blow Your Mind


It’s time to make our head work out a little bit with some brain games. To every problem, you can find a solution with the help of logic. And by watching this video and solving crimes, you will become a true detective. This is why, today, we are showing you 10 Mystery Riddles That Will Blow Your Mind. Can you solve them? Just wait until you see the riddle that’s so hard that it was named after Einstein!

To solve a crime, you need to know who is lying. That’s the job of a true detective! After a rich man passed away on a Sunday morning, his wife called the police, and a detective came to the house to investigate. The wife and all the people working in the house had an alibi, and this is how he found out who was the liar responsible for the crime. Watch this video to know more about this story.

You’ll also need a bit of logic and mathematics to solve riddles. Four people want to cross a wooden bridge but they can only do it two at a time, and they have to use the only flashlight that they have. They all walk at a different speed, but the leader of the group thinks that they can do it in seventeen minutes. Keep watching if you want to know how they are going to do this.

Stay tuned to hear more about mysterious stories like the riddle that will tell you if you are a psychopath, how a cassette recorder revealed who was responsible for a crime, the prisoner who escaped the guards, and more. We won’t give the answer to the last riddle, so you need to tell us what it is in the comments to prove that you solve the most difficult riddle!