10 Mysterious Unidentified Sea Creatures


You’ve likely heard that the greatest unexplored area is actually below the waves. That’s right, the world’s oceans are massive and we actually don’t know that much about what happens in their depths. In fact, over 90% of the world’s oceans remain totally unexplored and unknown. For that reason, there are more than a few people out there who think we have yet to discover a range of amazing and potentially terrifying things lurking in the depths below. Super sharks? Massive squids? Crazy new plant life? We won’t know for sure until we really start exploring more. Of course, when humans are confronted with the unknown and mysterious they have a tendency to let their brains go into creative overdrive. The end result can be some pretty interesting reports about undocumented sea life – usually of the monster variety.

Then there are those times where seeing really is believing. All over the world there have been sightings of strange and mysterious sea creatures. We’re not talking about just one person seeing something and reporting it. No, in each case many people have reported the creature and either taken pictures or even video. In some instances, these strange sightings have even been captured by satellites mapping the earth below. From the terrifyingly massive to the fascinatingly small, these following creatures all help to prove that there’s still quite a bit of the world’s waters that are in need of exploring. In fact, we think we’ll stick to the kiddy pool after seeing the sorts of things we share the water with.