10 Most WTF Shoes Ever


We thought we had seen it all when it comes to bizarre and wacky shoes, but creative designers continue to crank out some of the craziest shoes we’ve ever laid eyes on. From shoes made from teeth to heels on wheels, there’s no limit to what designer’s will create all in the name of eccentric footwear. Here are some of the most WTF shoes ever made.

At first glance, these look like a regular pair of ankle boots, but when you glance down at the heel, there’s an added surprise. The designer of these pink suede boots added dozens of Barbie heads inside the heel of the shoe. It’s bad enough that these shoes appear to be at least five inches high, but walking on Barbie’s head all day long just seems like cruel and unusual punishment for the lovable doll.

Can you imagine trying to walk around town in these shoes? It would definitely take some talent, especially considering there are absolutely no straps to help keep your foot in place. These unwearable shoes have to be at least ten inches high, and the construction and design has us convinced this is one pair of shoes that were made to be seen but never worn.

Get ready to gag because these next shoes are absolutely stomach-churning. We could think of a million other things to be placed on a shoe that would be more visually appealing than rows and rows of teeth. The WTF-ness of these shoes is on a level we’ve never seen before. We can’t think of any occasion when these shoes would be appropriate. We’re just glad they’re made of fake teeth…or are they?

You may enjoy eating fish for dinner, but do you really want to wear fish on your feet? These fish flops make our skin crawl. There’s just nothing fashionable about them at all. To start, the fish look a little too real for our liking, and we just can’t bear the thought of stepping on a poor little fish’s head and body all day long. Also, the length of the shoes makes them very impractical. Can you imagine trying to ride a bike while wearing these fish flops on your feet? Yeah, good luck with that!

If you’re looking for a pair of shoes that will punish your feet and leave you rolling and sliding all over the place, look no further. There are long spikes underneath the sole which makes it difficult to walk on a rocky surface, and the heel comes complete with a wheel attached at the bottom. If you lean too far backwards, you’ll definitely be falling right on your butt, and you better hope one of these spiky shoes doesn’t fly off your foot in the process and whack you right in the face. These shoes are definitely an accident waiting to happen!