10 Most USEFUL Snapchat Hacks


With Snapchat being the most used social media network, you have probably dominated it by now. But, there are some hidden features you may not know about. From making your own Geofilter, to taking undetectable screen shots, these are 10 of the most useful snapchat hacks.

When it comes to zooming in while recording a video on snapchat, having too many fingers on the screen can get in the way. Because of this, the team at snapchat developed a way to zoom in and out while recording video, with just one finger! All you have to do is move your finger up to zoom in, or move your finger down to zoom out while you are recording. Now there will be no more awkward pinching of the screen when trying to snap the perfect video.

That’s no all you can do in Snapchat with a swipe of a finger. If you are feeling limited by the selection of colors Snapchat allows you to use in the drawing feature, you will be happy to know there are hidden colors waiting to be discovered. To access the hidden colors just snap a photo or video, and tap the “draw” icon. Next, place your finger on the rainbow bar to choose a color, but allow your finger to wander to different corners of the screen. You will see the top left corner unlocks white, and the bottom right corner unlocks black.

If you aren’t much into the draw feature, and filters are more your style, did you know you can have up to 3 filters in one snap? It’s very simple, first snap the pic you like, and apply the first filter. Then, hold your finger down on your screen, and swipe through the filters, and when you find one you like, lift your finger off your screen, and place it back down to lock. Repeat this step for the third filter, and when you are happy with your new masterpiece, lift your finger and share it to your story.

You can even create your own Geofilter for Snapchat for when you are travelling! It’s always fun when you travel to a new place to see the Geofilters that snapchat has created for where you are. But sometimes, there are no Geofilters if you’re in a small town, or not well-travelled spot. To remedy this, Snapchat has allowed users to submit their own Geofilters! Though, you may need to be a little artsy, all you have to do is create the filter, and upload it to Snapchat’s Geofilter community website. Of course it will have to be approved, but your artwork may make the cute, and you will be sharing it in no time.

One of the coolest features that Snapchat has added is being able to send your friends money on the fly. This feature is only available to US users at the moment. If you want to send a friend cash in a dash, just open the chat feature on snapchat and start a conversation with them. Next, type the $ and the amount of money you want to send, and you should see a green “add cash” button on the right of the screen. This will prompt you to sign up for “Square” a money sending service that will handle the transaction and have you sending the cash in a flash!

A lot of people use Snapchat because it notifies you when someone has taken a screenshot of your photo. What you may not know is there is actually a way around this that lets user take a screenshot without anyone knowing. First, load the story or snap you wish to screenshot, and then open your phones settings and turn on airplane mode. Next, go back to Snapchat and open the snap, and then take the screen shot. When you take the shot in airplane mode, the app doesn’t know you are accessing the photo because you aren’t online, and you can be super sneaky without being detected!