10 Most Unusual Sugar Babies Ever


Why have a job when you can make more money dating older men for less work? That is usually the mentality of a sugar baby. A sugar baby is someone who dates older men in exchange for trips, cash, or gifts. They come in all shapes in sizes, and most of the time they just want to have the life of luxury without having to put in all the hard work. From a woman who fancies herself as Jessica Rabbit, to a woman who sold her business venture idea for millions; these are the 10 most unusual sugar babies ever.

No ever said it was going to be easy, but the thought that is would be easier to date men for money instead of getting a desk job was what attracted Tessla Coil to becoming a sugar baby. Right before she graduated from Princeton with a degree in psychology, Tessla started dating older men, and soon became known as the Ivy League sugar baby. Her new career choice had her zigzagging the country trying to nail the perfect match, but it seemed like she was coming up short coast to coast. Though she hasn’t given up on her quest, the Ivy League graduate has learned that she has just as much trouble with being over worked and underpaid as the rest of her Princeton graduating class.

Another woman, who has had way more luck at being a sugar baby than the latter is mother of 4, Nina Peterson. Nina has made a career out of being a sugar baby. She has received over $1 million dollars in gifts, surgery, and cash from her sugar daddies. The self-confessed nerd, said she grew up with an obsession of wanting to look like her idol Jessica Rabbit, and has spent $100,000 in the process. Her children call her current boyfriend, “Santa” because he gives their mom everything she wants, including their house, and a $200,000 Maserati. Nina has even said while she doesn’t encourage her children to grow up to be sugar babies; she wouldn’t discourage them, and she would lend them advice on what they need to do to be good sugar babies.

One of the most notorious, and outrageous sugar baby relationships comes straight from the cover of Hollywood gossip magazines. Actor, Doug Hutchinson, shocked the world and made headlines when he married 16-year-old Courtney Stodden in 2011. 44 years her senior, and the fact she was absolutely gorgeous, it was easy to see that this was a sugar baby/sugar daddy relationship. Courtney met Doug when he was her acting coach, and he soon fell in love with her. With the permission of her family, the couple married, and soon began making uncomfortable and sexually suggestive photo ops. Though they have had their ups and downs, the reality TV couple is still together as of 2016.

It’s one thing for a woman to personally benefit from having a sugar daddy, but when she starts taking care of her own mother, things start becoming bizarre. When Kayla Morris was only 17 years old, her mother allowed her to drop out of school and become a full time stripper. From there she met a 50-year-old man who later became her sugar daddy. He gave Kayla enough money to fund her and her mother’s $60,000 plastic surgery addiction in their quest to look like Katie Price. Kayla’s mother is very proud of her, and is happy that the pair can bond over plastic surgery, which Kayla still funds by stripping and having various sugar daddies.

A lot of women have chosen this path for their life, and it seems there is a lot of work that goes into dating older men for money than they may have intended. Are you shocked by some of these unusual sugar babies?