10 Most Unusual Couples In Odd Relationships


We’re about to show you some of the strangest couples you’ve ever seen. Despite their appearances, these romantic partners have a lot of love for each other, and they don’t care what anyone has to say about their relationships! From a couple who both had gender reassignment surgery to the shortest couple that stands at just 2’9” tall, we’re going to show you the wackiest pairings that will leave you shocked. This is 10 Most Unusual Couples In Odd Relationships.

Your jaw will drop when you see Anton - a dwarf who fell in love with a 6’3” transgender woman. Although we’re sure they turn heads wherever they go, you can really see the love they have for each other. You’ll have to watch our video to see their photos! We’ll also show you what it’s like when two vampires decide to enter into a relationship, as well as a man who married a virtual character, and a woman who tied the knot with a Parisian landmark.

They say age is just a number, and this couple that has a 60 year age difference would definitely agree! We’ll also share a heartbreaking story about a 9-year-old girl who married her 7-year-old best friend as her last dying wish. Make sure you have a Kleenex handy!

If you’d like to see even more odd relationships, including a story about Amazon Amanda, and an overweight lifestyle blogger who found love with her muscular hubby, make sure to watch our video. Leave a comment and let us know which of these unusual couples shocked you the most!