10 Most UNORIGINAL Copy Cats of Famous People


You would think in the world of celebrity that everyone would have their own thing going on, with no need to copy anyone else. But these images prove that there are lots of copycats in the world of fame and fortune. Whether it’s singers copying other singers, or younger sisters copying their older famous sibs, there seems to be a lot of imitating going on, especially when it comes to clothing and style. If you’re not looking for it, you may not even notice it, but as soon as you turn it on, you can see that a bunch of celebrities really love copying other stars.

Lady Gaga may be the biggest copycat we have on our hands. She is known for her likeness and imitation of Madonna, copying The Material Girl’s performance outfits and poses. But she has also copied many other celebrities ranging from Christina Aguilera to Paris Hilton. She may seem out there and original, but she has taken cues from performers who came before her, and it’s evident from the photos in this video. When you think of Miley Cyrus does another wild child singer come into your head? It seems when Miley chopped off her hair and bleached it blond, she was channeling her inner P!nk. From the hair to clothes and gnarly facial expressions, Miley is a total P!nk copycat.

And then we have the Kardashian/Jenner clan who is tied up in their copying ways. Kylie Jenner has copied Kim Kardashian many a time, in terms of style and hair choices. It only seems fit that a younger sibling would copy their older sister, and it seems she does just that. The two have stepped out in identical outfits more times that we can count and Kylie always steps out after Kim. But Kim is not innocent in this whole copying game. It seems she gets her style inspiration from Jennifer Lopez. They both have the same body types and look, so it definitely makes sense.

You might be surprised which celebrities are copycats and exactly where they get their inspiration from. As the saying goes- you learn something new every day. From Rita Ora to Rhianna to Blac Chyna, and a bonus entry at the end, get ready to learn about the biggest copycats in stardom. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery after all. Take a look at 10 famous people who copy, er, flatter, other celebrities.