10 Most Unique Models In The Fashion Industry


It’s hard enough making it in the fashion industry. So, trying to do so while being outside society’s standard of beauty can make it that much harder. From a father and son model team to the first hijab wearing model to sign with IMG, these are ten most unusual models in the fashion industry.

When Remco Vanderlinden first started his modeling career, he had no idea that 20 years later, his 70-year-old father, Aad, would join him. Having grown up working on his family’s flower farm in Holland, Aad was anything but prepared to live a model lifestyle. Thanks to social media and some newly found confidence, he and Remco are taking Europe’s fashion industry by storm.

Another unlikely model is Alba Parejo from Spain. Parejo was born with a rare disorder that left 500 moles and birthmarks all over her body. Not wanting that to stop her, Parejo entered a modeling contest in her city. After winning, she started a viral campaign about accepting her beauty and won the hearts of millions.

In 2017, IMG models signed their first hijab wearing model, Halima Aden. Since she never saw other women in fashion who wore hijabs, she never thought it would be an actual career choice for her. After trying to be a beauty queen, the now full-time model got the offer of a lifetime and hasn’t looked back.