10 Most Terrifying Flights


The age of aviation has improved drastically since the first flight of the Orville Brothers. While driving a car is more dangerous than flying, there are still issues that occur while flying the friendly skies. If you’re afraid of flying, then you probably follow every plane crash with nerves and hope that your next flight isn’t your last. While the statistics show that you probably won’t die from being on a place, there is always a chance something can go wrong. Even though the aviation industry typically runs without much chaos and wrongdoing, there is always the rare occasion of something going terribly wrong. There are signs to look for when it comes to a flight that might go sour. But even if you see the signs, there isn’t much you can do except pray that the issue is resolved. With disappearances occurring to flights, especially in Asia, one has to wonder if they’ll meet their maker on their next plane ride.

In this video are ten of the most terrifying flights. From hijackings to mechanical failure, there are a good number of variables that can easily influence your flight from a pleasant experience to a terrifying moment. While this video may not make you excited to fly anymore, just think; if it’s your time to go, there isn’t much you can actually do about it. Flying gives you the ability to travel around the world in just a matter of hours, whereas you could drive or take a boat, which would take days.