10 Most Shocking Whisper Confessions


Prepare to drop your jaw at the 10 most shocking Whisper confessions. When people are using an anonymous app, they get the courage to admit to all sorts of surprising things. Like adultery, awful breakups and unusual wedding night activities. And family secrets, forbidden fantasies and their parents’ bad behavior. These Whisper users have got really real with their shock confessions, and we can’t get enough of discovering their innermost secrets.

Cheating on your partner is not something most people will admit in real life. But when they can hide behind anonymity, they can get their guilt off their chests. Like the Whisper user who admitted to cheating in the most disrespectful of places just days after getting married. Or the newlywed who got intimate with someone other than their spouse… you’ll never believe what happened when the spouse walked in and caught them at it. Of course, Whisper can also be used to out other people’s secret affairs. And it’s a way to vent your frustration at people who’ve hurt you with their adultery. When it’s your own father who you’ve caught in the act, it’s bad enough. But when the dad passes the blame onto the child, it gets unbelievably awful.

Relationships between parents and children can be very difficult. And these familial issues often can’t be spoken about face to face. But all that dirty laundry can get aired on Whisper. Like discovering you aren’t the biological father of your child. You’ll be even more shocked by the reason the dad didn’t breathe a word of his discovery to anyone. When your mother has pushed hard to influence a big decision you’re making, it’s a total shock when you find out she did the opposite of what she’s telling you to do. So you head straight to Whisper to vent your frustration.

There are some family secrets that stay between two people only. Like a grandchild’s confession to a grandmother, who then make a similar revelation back. Of course, sometimes people’s shocking revelations turn out to be false. And when this happens to you, you might choose to share your shock with the world but keep yourself anonymous by using Whisper. Like the person whose partner came up with a shocking lie as to why they wanted to break up. Whisper is the only place some people feel able to share certain secrets in their romantic life. Like their fantasies about their best friend. Or their hook ups with people they’re ashamed about.

Discover the most shocking Whisper confessions in our video, and let us know in comments which one shocked you the most.