10 Most Shocking Transplants Ever Performed on People


The medical world can do some incredible things. Just look back over the last several decades and you can see how far scientists, doctors and surgeons have come in terms of developing new drugs and techniques to treat patients and pioneering new surgeries to save and extend lives. When we examine the average life span of humans, it too has been pretty impressive. In 1960, you could expect a person to live an average of 69 years. Today, that average in many nations has pushed well into the 80s. Sure, improved diet and knowledge about healthy living has helped a lot, but much of that improvement is also down to improvements in the medical field.

Perhaps one of the most dramatic ways the medical field can save and improve the lives of patients is through transplant procedures. Throughout the 20th century, doctors developed methods of transplanting various organs from animals and human donors into living patients. There was much trial error as techniques were perfected and important lessons learned. Today, all of that hard work and research means that many transplants performed around the world are relatively routine. However, medicine doesn’t stand still and is always looking to improve and push the boundaries of what is possible. The following examples help prove this. From multiple organ transplants to procedures that seem like something out of the movies, these incredible procedures make a kidney or liver transplant look like child’s play.

When we’re sick, injured or facing a life threatening condition, the vast majority of us turn to modern medicine for the answers. Our doctors and surgeons have come a long way over the last several decades and today perform incredible things to improve and save the lives of their patients. Perhaps one of the most dramatic and risky procedures to do this involves transplants. From multiple organ transplants to extreme and pioneering procedures, these incredible transplants will demonstrate just how impressive the world of medicine is.