10 Most Shocking K-Pop Moments Caught On TV


If you haven’t heard of K-pop, you might be living under a rock. The South Korean pop artists have taken the world by storm, and in doing so they can’t really escape the spotlight and cameras. From TV shows, to concerts, these stars are constantly shocking fans, and sometimes fellow K-pop stars.

2015 went down as a crazy year for K-pop stars appearing on South Korean television. One memorable moment occurred on show “Show Me The Money”, which is a rap battle show that has been growing in popularity since 2012. On this particular episode, producers put stars “Black Nut” and “Mino” together for the main even battle. The two have had heated exchanges and diss battles in the past, but nothing could prepare them for the crazy antics that ensued this time. “Black Nut” was the first to the mic, and was doing what he does best, being a bad boy. Then, he crossed the line when he referred to himself as a dog and proceeded get on all fours to bite his nemesis on the leg. Mino and the audience were all in shock. Fans were upset with “Black Nut” and thought he went too far.

Another heated exchange between K-pop stars happened on the show “Tutoring Across Generations”. On the show, star Lee Tae Im had to learn how to dive, which means she had to get into the cold water, which made her uncomfortable. When she was out, fellow cast mate, Yewon, expressed her concern and asked if she was ok. Lee then asked if Yewon was going to dive as well, and when Yewon responded informally, Lee lost it. Lee started cursing at Yewon and accusing her of looking down on her. In leaked footage, it showed that this continued until producers made her stop. The following week Lee left the show, and also left a drama show she had starred on. When the episode finally appeared on Korean TV, Lee apologized, but has remained out of the spotlight.

It’s not only the battles and catfights that make headlines, it’s also the many accidents that happen during K-pop performances. From wardrobe malfunctions, to fans going crazy, live events can be completely unpredictable. During a 2010 performance at a music festival, F(x) group singer, Krystal, fainted on stage. The crowd became very concerned, and the group quit singing and rushed Krystal off the stage. This started sparking public concerns of K-Pop stars being over worked, and not given proper medical attention from K-pop labels. Krystal eventually went to the hospital, and it came out that the singer was anemic. Someone suffering from anemia could faint or have dizzy spells when blood cells carrying oxygen to the brain are blocked off. This would be one of the first of many faints that Krystal would take throughout her career.

Another shocking moment occurred when a fan tried to drag K-pop star, Taeyeon, back stage during a performance. While performing at the Angel Music Festival, K-pop group SNSD was rushed by a crazed fan, who grabbed group leader Taeyeon. The Man proceed to try to drag the singer backstage, but was stopped by the event’s MC. Security showed up and escorted the man away, but Taeyeon and the audience were visibly upset. Fans of the group were so upset that the man was able to even get on stage, that the company in charge of the event issued refunds to all the disgruntled fans.