10 Most Shocking Accidents Caught On Camera


We all know that accidents happen from time to time. When they occur, we usually hope to be on the spectator side rather than the victim. Accidents cannot be predicted, and they can often happen when we’re at our most vulnerable state. This can make the surprise and devastation of an accident that much worse, and can even result in someone suffering from PTSD. Before technology became so innovative, most people didn’t have the chance to witness an accident. This was also difficult for law enforcement and insurance companies when trying to figure out exactly what happened to cause the accident. But today, everyone has a camera in their hand in some form. Whether it’s a phone, a GoPro camera, a body cam, or a surveillance camera, accidents are now being caught on film more often than ever before. And the results of this innovation is truly shocking!

In this video are ten of the most shocking accidents caught on camera. From helmet cameras to CCTV footage, these shocking accidents would have soon been forgotten had it not been for cameras. Thankfully, we are living in an age where there is always a camera on you in some way. For example, dashcams are common in Russia because people will make up accidents at the drop of a hat. Cameras will only improve and get better as time progresses, so we will have even better quality footage of future accidents. Who knows what the future holds for crazy shenanigans! Hopefully, you’ll be watching and not an unwilling participant!