10 Most Powerful And Influential Transgender People In The World


If the recent mass shooting at a gay night club in Orlando, Florida has taught us anything, it’s that the issues facing the LGBT community are far from over. However, the vigils and outpouring of support from both the LGBT community and their allies have also proved how strong and courageous a network they have. We still have a long way to go, but thanks to the media as well as powerful and influential people who have come out as transgender, society is beginning to understand the issues and problems faced by the transgender community.

One of the major and crucial changes that has been happening in the media is that transgender people are starting the play the roles of transgender characters in TV shows and movies. Laverne Cox has made waves as Sophia Burset in Orange is the New Black. Her character is a fan favourite and she has used her fame and popularity to speak on the issues the transgender community is dealing with today. Hari Nef is another transgender actress taking the world by storm. She stars as Gittel in season 2 of Transparent and was also the first transgender model to be signed to IGM models. Transparent also hired a transgender woman as one of their writers. Our Lady J draws on her years of experience being a transgender for the show and is also known for urging Hollywood executives to hire trans people in front and behind the cameras.

Raffi Freedman-Gurspan has become an icon of equality for transgender people in the workplace. She was the first transgender person to be hired at the White House by president Obama and now works there as the primary LGBT liaison, where she is the lead contact for LGBT groups on all issues. And Stephen Whittle has used his career as a writer, lawyer and educator to inform the world about transgender issues, and has devoted his life to achieving equality for trans people in the UK.

Then there are the media stars such as Caitlyn Jenner and Chaz Bono who have had their transformation eyed the entire way. They have certainly become influential voices for the transgender community at large. Everyone on this list is powerful for the transgender community in one way or another. In today’s video we take a look at ten of the most influential transgender people in the world. Be prepare to be amazed.