10 Most Popular Youtube Channels That Aren't For Kids


Today's modern-day parents are way more concerned about the safety of their children than previous generations were. Decades ago, kids were allowed to walk to school on their own, go to the park with their friends alone, and generally be more independent. They didn't even have iPhones back then that they could use to let their parents know that they were okay. Fast forward to the future and today's kids can't even go to birthday parties unless their parents know the parents of the birthday kid.

We live in a world of helicopter parents who are so worried that something will happen to their precious child that they would rather not let their kid do anything at all. But are their worries warranted? Are times really more unsafe now than they were fifty years ago? Or does it just seem that way because we are constantly being overloaded with unpleasant news every day from our Facebook feeds, Twitter accounts and the news?

Although today's parents think that the hazards are lurking outside their front door, they really should take a closer look at the ones lurking on the Internet, more specifically, on YouTube. Parents like to believe that YouTube's parental controls will filter out the inappropriate content. But what happens when a channel looks like it could be for kids? Channels like Fun Kids Toon, SuperHero VS SuperHero, FilmCow, Adult Swim, and ExplosmEntertainment all feature either seemingly kid-friendly cartoon videos or star familiar kid's characters. Does a video starring Mickey Mouse automatically mean that the content is for kids? If you want to know the answer to that question, check out our list of 10 YouTube Channels That Aren't for Kids!