10 Most OMG On Stage Moments The Crowd Wasn't Prepared For


From live TV to live concerts you never know what will happen when celebrities take the stage! From a band who can’t escape their embarrassing reputation to a performance that got a little handsy, these are 10 of the most OMG onstage moments!

For some reason, people don’t seem to like Nickelback anymore, and the joke has spread overseas! While performing in Portugal, instead of rocking the crowd, the crowd rocked Nickelback, literally. The band had to stop the concert because the audience was throwing stones and booing them. This was the band’s first and last visit to Portugal!

It is no secret that Selena Gomez lip-synced her performance at 2013 Jingle Ball. But the way she handled the situation was shocking! When she began to have problems with her earpiece, the audience knew something was up! Gomez chatted with the audience and promised her fans 2 more songs, but didn’t deliver. After her next song went awry, Gomez cursed into the mic, dropped it, and then stormed off the stage!

Fans couldn’t help but notice how close Halsey and Andrew Taggart got during their performance of “Closer” at the 2016 MTV VMA’s. Not only did they tease that they were going to kiss in front of everyone, but Taggert also got a little too intimate with Halsey. The whole situation was uncomfortable, but Halsey didn’t seem bothered in the slightest!