10 Most Notorious Celebrity Gold Diggers


Gold diggers have been celebrated and criticized for as long as we can remember. Men and women worldwide use their good looks, sex appeal and their undeniable charm to sink their teeth into their wealthy partners. They sometimes get married, give birth to a baby or two, and then ride off into the sunset with a few extra million dollars in their bank account. Let’s take a look at some of the most famous gold diggers.

Hugh Hefner’s third wife, Crystal Harris, was called a gold digger when she began dating the elderly playboy who is 60 years older than her. Five days before their wedding, she backed out and publicly shamed Hef by saying she had only been intimate with him one time, and it only lasted two seconds. She eventually went through with the wedding the second time around, and as long as they stay together, she can enjoy spending his cash. But if they were to ever divorce, Hef has an ironclad prenup that will ensure Crystal walks away with nothing at all.

When Anna Nicole Smith was just 26-years-old, she married 87-year-old oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall. She was called a gold digger because of their age difference, the two had never even lived together, and they were reportedly never intimate. Anna insisted she loved him, but many believed she was more in love with his $1.6 billion dollar fortune. When J. Howard died just one year after their wedding, Anna fought against his son for over a decade to get a piece of his fortune. Sadly, both Anna and J. Howard’s son died before a court could decide who was entitled to his estate.

Kevin Federline was engaged to actress Shar Jackson, and the couple had two children together, but he left his family behind when he began dating Britney Spears. The struggling backup dancer obviously saw dollar signs when he began his romance with the pop star, and he proposed to her after just three months of dating. But two years and two kids later, Britney filed for divorce. A long custody battle ensued, and Kevin was later granted sole legal custody of both children, as well as $20,000 a month in child support.

Amber Heard was labeled a gold digger as soon as she began dating actor Johnny Depp. Aside from their 23 year age difference, Amber was involved in a same-sex romance prior to meeting Johnny. She dumped her girlfriend and moved in with the actor, and they married in 2015. The marriage was over by 2016, and Amber was awarded $7 million in the divorce settlement. To put the gold digging rumors to rest, she decided to donate the money to various organizations. But many people saw right through her act of kindness, like model Chrissy Teigen who tweeted, "Well she donated all $7 million to charity so she would actually be the Robin Hood of gold diggers.” Ouch.