10 Most Mysterious Treasures Found Underwater


The ocean is a vast and mysterious place. A big wet blanket covering 70% of the earth, yet we’ve only just begun to explore a tiny fraction of it. Even the parts we have mapped out are still very much a mystery. And the things we’ve found along the way leave us with even more questions. It’s not just the colossal-sized squids or other alien-looking sea creatures that spark our interest; it’s the strange objects that have no business being in the ocean in the first place and the promise of unimaginable fortune that keep motivating us to dive deeper.

Sometimes we get lucky and find an ancient shipwreck with historical significance, carrying a small treasure to boot like the Salcombe Wreck or we stumble upon a modern wreck that turns out to be a spy ship, leaving us with many unanswered questions and a huge pile of unusable batteries. Other times, we find something that we have no clue what it is, so naturally we assume it's from another planet, such as the Baltic Sea Anomaly, aka, the Millennium Falcon in real life.

But it’s not just ships, suspicious movie memorabilia and jewels lining the ocean floor; stunning statues and monoliths left over from ancient sunken cities have now become part of the ocean landscape. And buried in the deepest, darkest caves, you’re almost guaranteed to find some of the ocean’s creepiest and best kept secrets like the time experts discovered the oldest, most complete human skeleton, which essentially has rewritten the origin of modern Americans as we know it. Just think, if just five percent of the ocean holds all of these incredible and mysterious underwater treasures, imagine what we’ll find if we ever uncover the remaining 90 percent.