10 Most Messed Up Toys For Kids


Sometimes, toys for kids can get just a little bit weird. We all know that Japanese toys like God Jesus Toy Robot are a bit out there, but wait until you see Baby’s First Baby, The Sixfinger Toy, a Rainbow Pooping Unicorn, Cyclops Stroller, and several other toys for kids you probably played with as a child!

God Jesus Toy Robot is one of those toys with a very unfortunate name. Created by Japanese toy makers, this toy answers all your life’s questions, and also, for some reason, holds a cross while doing it.

The Sixfinger Toy was popular in 1960 and it allowed you to add an extra finger to your hand. This popular gadget actually looked like a real finger, but once you pressed the button, it became so much more!

And then there’s Baby’s First Baby, a toy designed by an artist that was trying to make a statement about teenage pregnancies. Although the toy is just an artistic design, it’s one of the most messed up toys for kids we’ve seen!

Let’s not forget about the Cyclops Stroller. This kids’ vehicle resembles a monster with a bulging eye, and scary-looking teeth. But that’s not all that’s scary about this vehicle! The child gets to sit in the monster’s brain!

Wait until you see the Rainbow Pooping Unicorn! Which one of these toys for kids sounds the most messed up? Is it God Jesus Toy Robot, Baby’s First Baby, The Sixfinger Toy, or the Cyclops Stroller? Make sure you check out our video to find even more messed up toys for kids!