10 Most INSANE Celebrity Meltdowns


The pressures of being a celebrity or sometimes too much for many stars to handle. From the demands from agents, executives and their fans, many celebrities go on a downward spiral that is played out right before our eyes. These epic celebrity meltdowns are a reminder that being a big star isn’t always what it seems.

It’s unclear what causes many of these celebrities to break down, but many times, drugs and alcohol play a huge factor in their bizarre behavior. Charlie Sheen is one actor who really lived the Hollywood lifestyle. His days and nights were full of drug binges, alcohol, sex and hard partying. His meltdown began while he was the star of the hit show, “Two and a Half Men.” Charlie got involved in a public battle with the show’s creator, and made anti-semitic remarks against him. He was later fired from the show, and his meltdown concluded when he admitted he was HIV-positive. Although Charlie doesn’t blame his diagnosis for his off-the-wall behavior, we can’t help but to believe his unfortunate health revelation is what pushed him over the edge.

David Hasselhoff is yet another actor who let one of his vices take complete control over his life. In an effort to save him from himself, his daughters videotaped him during one of his drunken nights. The former “Baywatch” star can be seen clumsily eating a burger, slurring his words, and acting extremely intoxicated. His daughters beg him not to buy anymore alcohol that night, and they warn him if he continues to drink, he will get fired from his gig on "The Producers" in Las Vegas. The video got into the wrong hands and was released to the public. David owned up to his issues and confirmed he is a recovering alcohol who was struggling after the divorce from his second wife.

Other times, celebrities’ meltdowns seem to come out of left field. In 2006, Mel Gibson was exposed after making anti-semitic remarks to a police officer. The actor is caught on tape saying, “The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world. Are you a Jew?” Later, an explosive phone conversation between Mel and the mother of his daughter, Oksana Grigorieva, was released. In the audio, Mel admits to assaulting her, threatens to kill her, and hurls the “n-“ word at her. Although many fans were shocked and disappointed by the actor, he received support from celebrities such as Whoopi Goldberg.

Mariah Carey is yet another celebrity who had an epic breakdown right before our eyes. The singer was going through a breakup after ending her relationship with singer Luis Miguel, and she was also coming to terms that the movie she starred in, “Glitter,” was the laughingstock at the box office. Mariah showed up to an episode of MTV’s “TRL,” and proceeded to do a striptease for the host, Carson Daly. She then told Carson, “Every now and then, somebody needs a little therapy, and today’s that moment for me.” Soon after, she was checked into a mental health facility after she broke dishes at her New York hotel suite.

Celebrities have adversities and struggles in their everyday life, but unfortunately for them, all of their issues play out right in front of the media. Watching these public meltdowns was definitely difficult, don’t you agree?

Which one of these celebrity meltdowns do you think was the most epic?