10 Most Incredible LEGO Creations


Ever since we were kids, we have all loved playing with Legos. It seemed like we could use them to create just about anything. While our own projects were often limited by our funds and our parents patience, these Lego experts, are only limited by their imaginations. You’ll be shocked by the size of these Lego creations, and by the skill of the artists who created them. Imagine needing a crane to put the finishing touches atop your Lego masterpiece. That’s how you end up in the Guinness Book of World Records for two consecutive years. Or maybe you prefer your projects on a smaller scale but with more complexity. Like perhaps a fully-functional harpsichord.

While these Lego creations might not be capable of flight, some of them manage to imitate it pretty well. From a Star Wars X-Wing, to the Kennedy Space Center, see incredibly large versions of these classic methods of space travel. When you’re done, make a landing on the Lego aircraft carrier modeled after the USS Intrepid. Head back to your house made entirely of Legos in your Lego Volvo XC90. If you’re looking for some art to hang on the walls, try a Lego version of a classic painting such as the Mona Lisa. Or, if you feel like something a little more exotic, maybe a replica of a Pharaoh. But good luck getting that last one through the door.