10 Most Immature Celebs In Hollywood


Some celebrities are known for their amazing talent, while others are better known for their immature antics. This group of famous people have made headlines for acting irresponsibly, being inappropriate, and lashing out in childlike ways. From Bella Thorne to Donald Trump, Ariana Grande, and Kim Kardashian, we’re about to show you the 10 Most Immature Celebs In Hollywood.

Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber are two celebs who have been slammed for acting immaturely throughout their careers. Nicki always seems to find herself in the middle of a feud with a fellow celeb, while Justin has made some questionable decisions that made many people see him in a negative light.

Jake Paul and Aaron Carter are two additional public figures who’ve been called immature from time to time. Jake’s childish actions got him tossed from the Disney Channel, and Aaron can’t seem to get his life in order due to a few terrible decisions he has made.

Lindsay Lohan is another Disney star who's had trouble leaving the childlike antics in the past, and she's joined by her frenemy, Paris Hilton. Together, these two wreaked havoc in Hollywood and got themselves into trouble more times than we can count.

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