10 Most Hilarious Snapchat Fails Ever


Snapchat has made it easier than ever to see what your friends and favorite celebrities are up to. But, with its millions of followers, there are sure to be some people who just can’t get it right! From people who took “funny” selfies, to a couple snaps posted after a night or partying, these are 10 of the most hilarious Snapchat fails EVER!

There are many ways to be funny on Snapchat, and these people had the best of intentions. But, when you try too hard to take a “funny” selfie, it will usually end in disaster. Like this girl who thought it would be a hilarious idea to write all over her face and tell us not to judge her. Sorry, but we are judging you! Or this guy who put a bra on his face and claimed to be a fly. No, mister, you are a creep playing with women’s underwear!

The face swap filter on Snapchat can provide hours of fun on the app! The filter allows you to face swap with a cat or even a Jack-o’-lantern, but thanks to it’s unpredictable face recognition the results can be terrifying. Like this dad who wanted to face swap with his baby but Snapchat had another idea. Apparently, Snapchat thought the oven looked more like a human face than the baby’s dad when it created this face swap nightmare. The app hilariously turned the child into a robot cyborg instead of a bearded baby as intended.

For some reason, people get really excited to share their food on their Snapchat story. But, watching their Snapchat food fails is 100% more entertaining than just seeing a boring plate of food. Like this poor person who thought they had Snapchat gold with their massive tower of ice cream. Only to find his creation on the ground thanks to the law of gravity! But the biggest food fail goes to this Snapchat user who didn’t know scorching hot food and plastic don’t go together.

If there is one group of people who just don’t understand Snapchat, it is definitely grandparents. When the two mix, there can be some hilarious results! But, nothing is funnier than when grandparents discover Snapchat filters. This cute grandpa was turned into a turkey with a top hat thanks to this Thanksgiving Snapchat filter. Sadly, he doesn’t seem very amused by his new face, but that’s ok because the rest of us think it’s amazing!

It isn’t uncommon to wonder what you look like when you are sleeping. You may have even taken some closed eyed selfies just to see. But, you wouldn’t dare post that selfie for the world to see. This person must have liked what he saw in his napping selfie when they shared it with Snapchat. But, there is a huge flaw in the photo that they overlooked. The photo clearly shows that they took the picture. And we aren’t sure what is more sad, the fact they faked having a bae or the fact they are faking being asleep.

It’s never fun waking up from a night of partying. But, when a friend documents the aftermath on Snapchat, it can be a little embarrassing. Like, when this guy was snapped just sleeping on a roof like it is totally normal. Or these two friends who look a little too close for comfort. They probably didn’t realize their little mistake would wind up on Snapchat, but at least they were spreading the love with their bromance!

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