10 Most Highly Guarded Places In The World


When we think about security we think of armed guards, alarm systems, vaults and bodyguards. They are seen in movies, we read about them in books and sometimes we even witness security personnel alongside celebrities, guaranteeing their safety. However, how many of us ever really think about some of the places that require security that is so tight that only an extremely select few may access the contents beyond the front door? Though it may be hard to believe such places really do exist and they are some of the most secure and well-guarded places on the planet. Protected borders, secrets, gold and even Doomsday plans are kept locked away. Buried deep underground, floating out at sea, and even sealed beneath mountains, these vaults, safeguards and boundaries are certainly well protected. While it may seem like the stuff of fiction, these heavily guarded places are very much real, even when there are those that may deny it.

In this video we will take a look at ten of the most heavily guarded places in the World. They range from near-secret to well-known, but well-secured locations, such as Area 51. Banks, bunkers, prisons, federal buildings and even the President of the United States own personal plane. Some of these locations are kept safe by secrecy, because no one is entirely sure how they are laid out or what exactly they protect. Others are secured by high walls, razor wire, motion detectors and guards, among other things. However they they do it, these locations have some of the highest levels of security available.